Journalists slanted the “information” product so strongly within the Trump period to destroy Trump’s presidency, and destroy it early, if attainable. Their actions betray the sensation that they’ve essential and influential platforms from which they’ll and will run America in between the elections. The voters can have a say each two years for about two weeks.

Recall 2004, when Newsweek’s Evan Thomas admitted the press would go all in for John Kerry and John Edwards, and it’s “going to be value perhaps 15 factors.” That wasn’t sufficient in 2004. However what about in elections determined by three or 4 factors? The media felt robbed in 2016, as a result of that they had tried so laborious, after which they by no means let up. The president getting the coronavirus didn’t even trigger them to pause their struggle drums for a second.

On this election, it wasn’t simply the reporting energy of the information media, however the censorship energy of Massive Tech that might be credited with “shaping” the election. Tucker Carlson mentioned that “Democrats harnessed the ability of Massive Tech to win this election.”

In his partisan nightly e-newsletter, CNN’s Brian Stelter mocked Tucker: “These are Jell-O arguments, all about emotion. However I think that this would be the go-to place for a lot of GOP media stars: Trump was robbed, thus we have been robbed – no, we will not show it, however we all know it in our guts.”

This isn’t an emotional argument. You may watch the distinction between CNN reporters at Trump press conferences versus CNN reporters at Biden press occasions. It’s the distinction between rabid tigers and domesticated kittens.  

A brand new Media Analysis Middle ballot of 1,750 voters in seven swing states demonstrates how the suppression of doubtless damaging information for Biden was profitable:

    – 45.1 p.c of Biden voters have been unaware of the monetary scandals of Hunter Biden, wrapped up within the foreign-affairs energy of Vice President Joe Biden within the Obama years.

    – 35.4 p.c of Biden voters have been unaware of Tara Reade’s allegation that Biden sexually assaulted her on Capitol Hill when she labored for him.

    – 25.3% of Biden voters mentioned they didn’t learn about Senator Kamala Harris’s left-wing ideology, that she was ranked America’s most “progressive” Senator in 2019.

The media additionally suppressed excellent news for President Trump’s report:

    – 49 p.c of Biden voters had no thought financial progress surged by 33 p.c within the third quarter, which might be extraordinary, apart from the extraordinary pandemic lockdown within the second quarter

    – The 5 pre-election jobs studies from June 5 to October 2 confirmed a report 11.1 million jobs have been created in the summertime and fall. However 39.4 p.c of Biden voters mentioned they didn’t learn about this excellent news.

    – 50.5 p.c of Biden voters didn’t know the U.S. turned a web exporter of oil for the primary time in 2019.

    – 45.3 p.c of Biden voters had no concept that Trump’s group had helped dealer historic agreements between Israel and Arab nations.

    – 36.1% of Biden voters mentioned they didn’t know concerning the administration’s key position in selling coronavirus vaccine analysis by way of Operation Warp Pace.

In each case, Biden voters mentioned they may not have been Biden voters if the “information” media did their job and reported all of the information, as a substitute of burying tales that didn’t match their manipulative narratives.  One among each six Biden voters we surveyed (17 p.c) mentioned they might have deserted the Democratic candidate had they recognized the information about a number of of those information tales. This could have swung the swing states the opposite means. That’s why they hit the Mute button.